Tea Tree Delightful Shaving Soap

I stopped buying shaving cream for a few months now. For one thing, I kept forgetting to put it on my grocery list. For another thing, it was getting expensive. I decided to make my own shaving soap. Something simple, fast and easy. I already make and use my own homemade soap, why not make and use my own shaving soap. It can’t be any different.

Sweet Monday’s Recipe for TEA TREE DELIGHTFUL Shaving Soap 
· 1/4 cup of coconut oil( I used Dr. Bronner's Coconut oil)
· 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap ( I used Dr. Bronners unscented)
· 1 tbsp. of olive oil
· 1 tsp of vitamin E
· 1/4 cup of water
· 8 drops of essential oil (I used tea tree oil)
· A mason jar for mixing (because you know I like to be fancy)
· A trusty squirt bottle (to store your finished product)

I chose tea tree oil as my essential oil because it is great for getting rid of razor bumps. Why not cut to the chase and use it as your main essential oil. Of course, you can use any oil you like if you prefer that scent. Tea tree oil has the following properties: anti-fungal anti-infectious anti-microbial antiseptic antiviral disinfectant energizing stimulant And the following uses: athlete's foot acne infections psoriasis dandruff sinusitis But let’s focus on the anti-infectious, antiseptic, energizing, and stimulating properties… Awesome… Preventing acne and infections? Even more awesome…

So, here’s how it’s done. Put all the ingredients together in a mason jar (told you I like to be fancy) or straight into your trusty squirt bottle or any other mixing container or vessel (the fancier the better). Then, Mix, shake, swirl, twirl, twerk. Whatever means you like as long as you (mix or shake) it. It gets really foamy. Then place your finished foam product into your trusty squirt bottle.

VOILA! All done. Ready for use. Before use, always shake. Make a foam by rubbing the soap together with your hands. Foam, Foam, Foam…

You can even place your soap in a small mason jar, place a bow around the jar and put it in a basket with other homemade items for a special friend. Don’t forget to label it.

Homemade shaving soap. Saves money and the environment. It's fast and easy to make. It's good for your body and skin and it smells great… you just can’t go wrong.

A fun and foamy Friday to you, Sweet Monday