Cubicle party


drinks that's a party.

Have you ever had a cubicle party? We did! It was fun. Yes, it only lasted for 2 minutes but that's because I kicked everyone out. I didn't want the cops to show up ;)

Can you believe that I can fit 6 people comfortably in my cubicle? Now that's a party.

I handed out cans of sweet tea that I had leftover from a baby shower we had last month. We ate cashews. I made a confetti popper out of scrap paper and we used paper from our hole punchers to have a confetti party.

Best two minutes of my life (in that cubicle at least...)

Making hump-day a fun-day,
Sweet Monday

P.S. Remember to always find joy in everything you do:

And never leave the house without spraying your bottle of good vibes all over your soul: