Ice cream lady

The library hasn't really changed much (except for the floor)
My favorite job, hands down, is selling ice cream at my son's school. I don't get to see him, unfortunately, because he is in Kindergarten and the ice cream sales are only for First through Eight grade. 

The lower grade children are the most precious, sweetest children ever. I love the way their faces look when they ask for their ice cream and hand me their money. They are so polite. Some of them also ask me to open their ice cream for them, which I don't mind.  I love how some of them buy ice cream for all of their friends. I love listening to their cute little conversations.

I always meet at least one new child who wants to eat their ice cream while talking to me. I always ask that child's name so that when I see him/her again, I can say hi to him/her. They always get happy when I do. 

I went to school here. Everytime I walk down the halls, I have a flashback of one of my childhood memories. I sell ice cream in the library and the children line up outside to buy it. In the old days, we used to buy ice cream outside the hall (which no longer exists). 

I wish that I could be a teacher at this school so that I can see my son everyday. Selling ice cream doesn't cut it because I only do it one day a week for one hour each time. I do it during my son's nap time so I don't get to see him and the best part, I don't get paid. That won't pay the bills.

Still, there is a big reward because I get to be an ice cream lady for a little while to these cute little kids.

I'm going to add it to one of my favorite things...

It's a Terrific Thursday Today,
Sweet Monday