Every kid needs a fort

Every once in a while, Josh requests a fort. It's his little hideout. Every kid needs a fort.

peek a boo, I see you...
 We always build his fort the same way. We use the couch, pillows from the couch, the table to keep the pillows from knocking over and a big blanket to cover it all up.
Pillows fortifying his fort...

a close up shot
This time around, Josh found a light up ring in his toy chest and used it to light up the inside of his fort. Pretty cool...
Inside the fort
It's always a different scenario. This time around, Josh decided he was going to be Incredible Hulk. His mission was to save the people inside the fort by going inside, finding them, breaking down the doors of the fort (I had to put them up after he got in, of course) and running to the other side with the people he saved (that would be me).
Get in there and save the people!

Breaking down the doors of the fort... my hero!
Playing fort with a boy sure is different than playing fort with a girl. It's more action packed and burns more calories. I did a alot of ducking, lifting and running. Whew... what a workout. When I played fort with Sabi, we sat inside and had a picnic, put on nail polish or brushed the hairs of her Barbie dolls. So I guess it wouldn't be called fort. It would be called spa. 

Either way, playing fort with your kids is:

Everyday is a fun-day,
Sweet Monday


  1. I use to build these with my daughter all the time fun happy bonding moments, enjoy. Great share :)


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