My journey through happiness...

Today I am grateful for my children. 

After dropping Josh off at school yesterday  and hearing a wonderful and impromptu report from his teacher ( she said he's one of her best students, listens well, falls in line and knows where everything is"...), I remembered this quote... 

" Happiness is a journey, not a destination". 

I don't want to say that my happiness is dependent on my children, but hey, it's true that if they are happy, I am happy... 

Happiness truly is a journey. I realized this yesterday. I am one of those people who thought happiness was a goal. I clearly realize now that it's these simple pleasures and blessings that make happiness a journey, not a destination. 

Today I was folding my daughter's new sheets and blankets to help her pack for her move to her college dorm room. She has done all her own laundry so far. She's busy packing and doing all her errands before she leaves. I noticed that she snuck something familiar in her load of new sheets and blankets...

Could it be? Her butterfly and flower blankey?

Hmmm.... Should I say something? Are you washing it to store it away at home? Well, later as we were organizing her stuff...

College girl stuff
What college girl blankets really look like...

... She disclosed to me that she just had to bring her flower blankey to school with her....


Simple pleasures...

It's a Terrific Thursday today,
Sweet Monday


  1. Thanks for share loved it. My daughter starts college on Wednesday, she won't be leaving home but I know it is a new journey for us :) Loved the blanket!!!

    1. Thanks Living in Mommywood. Wishing you and your daughter a wonderful journey! Good luck on Wednesday!

  2. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms. My daughter starts college next year. She's in her final year of High School so this year it's all about being and senior and prom. I'm not looking forward to next year because I'm going to miss her. I do agree with you, if my children are happy, then so am I. Hope you're having a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Growing up Madison. Hope your daughter enjoys her senior year! It's filled with memories... :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Growing up Madison! Hope your daughter enjoys her senior year!


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