A Not So Sour Sunday After All

This morning started off a little dreary. My 17 year old daughter, Sabi noticed and suggested that we go to Joe's Cafe for breakfast. It took me awhile to get my butt off the bed. It helped that she offered to help get my 5 year old son, Joshy dressed and got the job done. I took three long breaths in and out and jumped out of bed. I took a shower, got dressed and we were off!!! First stop, dropped off many bags to the donation center. It felt good. Next stop breakfast ... Joe's cafe was packed so we went to Mimi's Cafe... I enjoyed my Belgian waffle loaded with butter and syrup and for some reason, my daughter predicted I was going to order that. Then we went to the park. Fun!!! It was really hot so afterwards, we went to the mall to cool down. When I got home, I got a text from my sister with a really cool picture. She said she saw it and thought of me. It read "Do more of what makes you awesome". I thought that was awesome. She said that she hoped I was enjoying my sour Sunday. She knows me well. I told her it started off sour, but it's not so sour after all...
I must remember to be grateful for all that I have.. All the big things and all the little things. Life is what you make it...And sometimes the simple things are the greatest pleasures.